Chakra bracelet with Howlite, Agate, Cornaline, Quartz, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Quartz and Buddha


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Chakra bracelet. The Howlite is the antidote stone of insomnia. It is extremely relaxing. Cornaline brings vitality and creativity. The Citrine Quartz relieves stomach and circulation problems. The Jade possesses powers for love, healing, wisdom, and longevity. The Lapis Lazuli recognizes the attack, blocking it and returning it to its origin. The Quartz is widely used to heal and eliminate negative energies. Finally, the Amethyst that helps to achieve emotional stability, open thinking and security in decisions. The Buddha, besides being a divinity for the Buddhist religion, protects who owns it as an amulet.

In all our jewels, creativity predominates, craftsmanship (they are handmade) the design and the absolute importance of top quality materials: original semi precious stones and natural druzies. Thanks to hard work in its preparation, they are highly valued for their uniqueness and beauty. We combine them with natural Lava and / or with the green jewel typical of the Canary Islands, the mythical Olivina, also known as Peridot.
The metals used in the assembly and for the beads are of first quality and nickel / lead free or also of pure anti allergic steel, imperishable material.

All our creations are presented with luxurious personalized velvet jewelry bags and guarantees that ensure the quality and perfect duration of these pieces.

The inspiration for the designs comes from the Canary Islands, but the Volcanic Jewelry approach has no borders. The tradition expressed in all jewels represents creativity and luxury marked by the uniqueness of materials and design. Being able only in this way, to capture the essence and our passion for the land of volcanoes.


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